Please observe the following basic etiquette / good practice when participating in the Flotilla

  • Boats to carry gangways & mooring pins
  • Boats to be turned at Edinburgh Quay on arrival to be facing west ready for departure
  • Boats mooring initially at Falkirk muster, to be facing East ready for departure
  • Any boats joining the flotilla at intermediate muster points please be facing the correct way of travel
  • Slow boats to allow passing, passing boats please pass starboard to the slow boat’s port side, slow boats to move to your starboard.  Please do not attempt passing on bends.
  • Help each other to moor, please don’t fight over moorings.   Please observe and abide with shore marshal's instructions.
  • Observe the speed limit
  • Any breakdowns offer a tow to the next destination
  • If there are any weed hatch issues please move to the towpath side and tie up to allow other boats to pass
  • Please use your horns when entering populated areas to attract attention
  • Please pass slowly when passing moored boats
  • Please be happy and courteous boaters
  • Please keep mobile phones switched on.
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