Best Dressed Boat

You are encouraged to decorate your boat to reflect the 200 Theme or events from the last 200 years. There will be numerous prizes / categories with the awards being presented at The Linlithgow Muster on the evening of 21st May.

 Run, Walk or Cycle

Activity is not only on the water. Why not walk, run or cycle along side the flotilla (either individually or within your group or organisation).

 Fancy Dress

Have fun celebrating the 200th anniversary with us by dressing up in fancy dress to reflect the 200th Anniversary, or indeed anything else you like.

No Boat

No boat ~ No problem. Jump on board your stand up paddle board, kayak, or any other form of water transport. The more the merrier. Or even contact one of the volunteer boating organisations like LUCS, and see if they are running trips within the flotilla.