Please read the following Terms and Conditions as they could affect your (and others) enjoyment of the celebrations.   please remember that the canal network is for the enjoyment of everyone, and there may be some using the canal who are not participating in the Flotilla.  Please respect their right to use the canal and its surroundings at all times.

The Flotilla is not a race.  There is no prize for being first to arrive at Manse Road Basin.    Note that mooring at the basin will not be permitted until both the flag ship boats (East & West) have berthed at Manse Road, and VIP passengers have disembarked.

Mooring at Manse Road Basin (and the surrounding official mooring points) will be controlled by LUCS shore marshals.   Please comply with their instructions at all times.

We will have maximum efforts to berth as many boats as possible within Manse Road Basin, but be aware that due to limited space, it will not be possible for all boats to be berthed in the basin.   Additional mooring is available within walking distance of the basin.   Please follow the shore marshals instructions. 

Due to the expected (and planned) congested nature of Manse Road Basin mooring, departure from the basin on Saturday / Sunday will be difficult and time consuming.    If you require to depart at a specific time, we would recommend that you use one of the mooring positions outwith the basin. Please advise a shore marshal if you do not wish to moor in the basin.

Note that entry to the evening event is by paid ticket only.   Tickets must be purchased online in advance of the Flotilla dates.

All timings are given for guidance only and may vary on the day of the flotilla.    Participants are encouraged to depart the Intermediate muster points behind the flag ship boats which will lead the flotillas from both the East & West.