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The Winchburgh muster point is being organised by Winchburgh Community Development Trust. Facilities included at Bridge 32 being held in the adjacent Winchburgh Church Grounds include a Farmers Market and stalls. It is envisaged that the congregated flotilla will depart Bridge 32 at about 1:40 PM en-route to the next muster point at Narrowboat Farm & Park Farm Bistro,

  • Date: 21/05/2022 01:00 PM
  • Location: Winchburgh, Broxburn, UK (Map)


The muster point at Winchburgh will be hosted at Bridge 32, (not the new marina as previously envisaged), and will include a number of exciting facilities on the adjacent grounds of Winchburgh Church, accessed  by the steps from the tow path through the bridge. 

Winchburgh Community Development Trust (WCDT) is a community group made up of local people. WCDT works to identify and deliver improvements to the community, to make it an even better place for people to live.

We are delighted that WCDT are participating, and we would like to thank Winchburgh Development Limited for their support.